Why choose live-in care

One of the main benefits of live-in care is that it helps our clients to retain as much independence and dignity as possible whilst safely receiving an individual service, tailored to their specific needs.

More benefits of live-in care

But have you thought about all the other ways in which live-in care benefits you or your loved ones?

Protecting homes and possessions

Through our live-in care services, our clients are able to maintain ownership of their homes as well as their personal belongings, which they are often prevented from doing so when moved into residential care homes.

Giving a choice

In a recent study, 70% of elderly people said they would rather be cared for at home than go into a care home. A huge benefit of live-in care is that it empowers the elderly and vulnerable with a choice; a choice about where and how they care cared for.

Beating loneliness

We know that no matter how much you’d like to be, you can’t always be there as company for you loved one. If they find getting out and about a bit of a struggle, it’s likely they will experience loneliness and feelings of isolation at home. The companionship offered by our live-in carers helps to alleviate loneliness so often felt by clients.

Helping couples

Through our live-in care services, we enable elderly couples to stay together for longer in the homes that they know and love. Why should old age or illness force people out of their homes? We help keep friends and families near to one another and keep people near to the communities that they love.

So, why choose live-in care for you or your loved one? We have an increasingly positive impact on both our clients and their families, whose stress is removed by our attentive, live-in care. The difference we make in people’s lives continues to reinforce our core value; there is no place like home.

Live-in care with Promedica24 is right for you or your loved one if:

  • You wish to preserve dignity and independence
  • Remaining at home is preferable to going into a care home
  • Keeping treasured possessions is important to you
  • Care needs are varied and changeable
  • Carrying on with everyday life is important
  • You want companionship and support as well as care
  • You want experienced, knowledgeable carers
  • You need experts in condition-led care
  • Family and friends can’t always be there due to geography or work or personal commitments
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Here’s what our customers have to say about Promedica24

What people say

We have been very happy with the carers supplied by Promedica24. When our client (a gentleman in his nineties) needed a live in carer, we researched various local care agencies to ensure that he received the best care possible. We finally settled on Promedica24. The carers are brought in from Poland but, despite early issues with the language barrier (which was very quickly overcome by Promedica24 replacing a carer who was not satisfactory), we have been impressed with the professionalism of all involved and with the commitment of the carers to looking after our client. This has provided us with a great deal of re-assurance and we are able to relax knowing that he is being cared for as well as could be expected by thoughtful, caring, kind and professional individuals. Mr SW (Solicitor/POA) Christchurch, Dorset

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