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How to spot signs of Dementia… and what to do if you do

All too often, Dementia and the onset of Dementia goes unrecognised because we simply attribute symptoms to ‘old age’.

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Five things you should know about Parkinson’s

Parkinson’s is regularly featured in the national media. We hear frightening statistics and, often, the focus is on the negative impact of the disease both for sufferers and their families. It can all seem quite scary and, in all honesty, a little bleak.
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Are you at risk of Stroke?

Learn how to minimise risk where you can. Learn how to spot a stroke in progress. Learn how to deal with life afterwards.
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Needing Care

There are currently 10 million people in the UK that are over 65 years old. Care for the elderly is one of the council’s hot topics but despite this, we still find it hard to talk about.
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Attendance allowance

Attendance allowance is available for people aged over 65 years who need help with personal care due to an illness or disability.
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Benefits of live-in care vs residential care

Statistics reveal 96% of people would rather not move into residential care… Here are some reasons why.
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Financing care at home

Making arrangements to finance care at home can be much easier when you know who to contact.
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Happier at home with live-in care

See how Promedica24 can support you or your loved one to live in the comfort of your home environment, safely and independently.
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Our care packages

We understand that everyone is unique and that care needs vary drastically so we tailor our care packages to suit your needs.
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Simple steps to live-in care

Your guide to getting the care you want, need and deserve.
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