Stroke care at home

The effects of a stroke are unique to each individual. No two people experience the exact same symptoms. Our live-in care workers are trained to provide specialist stroke care to help you or your loved one recover at home after a stroke and support you through any long-term effects.

Caring for a person who has suffered a stroke

Recovery from an unexpected illness like a stroke is understandably easier when you know you can do it at home. Many stroke patients worry that their only options to allow them to leave hospital are either to move to a residential care home or become a burden to family members. Our specialist stroke care services are an affordable alternative to care homes.

At Promedica24, we pride ourselves on taking a professional approach to assessing a client’s specialist stroke care needs to enable them to live as fulfilling a life as possible at home. We understand that regardless of any lasting effects, stroke patients want to live as independently and with as much dignity as possible. We present a selection of companion care workers based on our clients’ interests, personality and lifestyle, you then choose the most suitable fit.

For short-term stroke care at home, our live-in care workers can be placed with you for periods of two to six weeks. This ensures a smooth recovery and a comfortable transition back into the home. However, in the case of a severe stroke, you may find or decide that you or your loved one would prefer longer term stroke home care. In this case, you can keep the same carer for up to three months at a time before they take a break. At which point, they will alternate with another care worker whom you have selected, who is just as suitable as the first.

A live-in care worker won’t take over your home, they are simply there to make life easier. For example, they can plan and prepare meals or simply help with cooking-related tasks – it’s your choice how involved they get. Our clients will never be lonely but can also take some “me” time whenever they wish.

Overview of what’s typically included:

  • Supporting an independent lifestyle
  • Accompanying to appointments
  • Ensuring medication is taken on time
  • Cooking, cleaning and domestic activities
  • Shopping/prescription collection
  • Activities and social functions
  • Regular reviews
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During your time with us, you displayed a very caring attitude, and were able to manage Helen’s severe physical and limited communications abilities. Family of Helen

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