Disability home care

Caring for a person with disabilities

We all feel more comfortable in our own homes, but your family can be concerned about how you will cope with regular activities like shopping or cooking when you have a physical disability. Using a live-in carer for disability care support means you have someone you can always call on.

Live-in care workers aren’t just there to support clients in their home, they are there to offer support in all aspects of life. Understanding the emotional needs of someone with a disability is a key part of the training our care workers receive. Our disability care service provides one-to-one support that you simply can’t get in a care home and our live-in carers have the time to recognise changes in moods and pain levels that would be missed during short home-help visits.

You may only need disability care support for a short period of time because your full-time care worker is taking holiday or you might be recovering from an injury; in which case we can arrange disability home care in as little as three to five days from an in-home care assessment.

You may need disability care support for the long term and would prefer to live at home rather than having to move to a residential care home. In all cases, our care workers are selected to match your interests and fit in with your lifestyle so you can continue to live at home with ease and enjoy everyday life. You can keep the same care worker for up to three months at a time before they take a break at which point, they will alternate with another live-in care worker, just as suitable as the first.