Parkinson’s care at home

Caring for a person with Parkinson’s disease

The symptoms associated with Parkinson’s, such as tremors and muscle stiffness, happen intermittently in the early stages of the disease. As a result, people often ignore the signs and learn to cope either by themselves or with a little help from friends and family. However, as the disease progresses and a diagnosis is reached, a variety of other symptoms can develop which can become overwhelming.

Our Parkinson’s live-in care workers have experience in supporting daily tasks, personal hygiene and incontinence issues as such symptoms develop, extending the time that you or your loved one can stay at home in comfortable, familiar surroundings.

It’s important that a client feels in control of their treatment and as many aspects of their life as possible, as they find they have less and less control over their body. Our Parkinson’s home care plans combine specialist medical needs and general support needs for a truly bespoke solution. The plan is reviewed on a monthly basis during a home visit by a Promedica24 care manager, where a collaborative approach is taken to ensure clients feel included in the decision making process.

Whether you use Promedica24 for short-term respite care or for long-term Parkinson’s home care, we’ll take the same professional approach to assessing a client’s care needs to live as fulfilling a life as possible in the comfort of their own home. We present a selection of companions based on our clients’ interests, personality and lifestyle, you then choose the most suitable fit. You can keep the same care worker for up to three months at a time before they take a break and they may alternate with another care worker, just as suitable as the first.