Live-in, personal care at home

Person-centred home care focuses on individual needs

Personal care services by Promedica24 provide 1-to-1 support rarely, if ever, available in care homes. Our dedicated carers help maintain quality-of-life, normal routines and lifestyle, understanding and adapting to specific care needs.

Because everyone is different, each of our clients receives a personalised care plan (developed from our care assessment tool). A shortlist of highly trained carers is drawn up who are matched to you on personality, lifestyle, hobbies and interests, as well as care requirments. Your chosen home carer will then stay for up to three months before they take a break to alternate with another carer, selected from your current shortlist.

Person-centred care brings you into the decision-making process for your own best health and wellbeing. Our clients are always treated with dignity, compassion and respect, but we aim to do even more than that. That’s why we work collaboratively with you so that you can enjoy your life at home in the best possible health.

It’s so important to us that our clients are able to retain as much independence as possible, not least if personal care needs grow. Living at home minimises the stress and pressure people often feel when health or circumstances change.

Our person-centred home care helps maintain a sense of balance with an individual’s surroundings and immediate environment, exactly as they have always been enjoyed – and continuing, or potentially even starting up – participation in local communities.