Urgent care, Emergency live-in care

Rapid response home care

Do you have emergency or urgent care needs? Contact Promedica24 now to arrange swift, almost immediate urgent live-in care. We respond quickly – but you are still able to consider a suitable selection of care workers.

To choose a live-in carer you are happy with, it is important to complete our in-home care assessment. Matters such as appropriate interests, personality and lifestyle are considered before several matches drawn up.

We aim to find a suitable live-in care worker in as little as 3-5 days. After choosing someone who seems a good match, home care can start immediately; exactly where you belong and prefer to be.

We can supply fully trained care workers to support loved ones as quickly, and often quicker, than trying to organise care with family and relations. Our care workers also come with knowledge and experience to support specific health and recuperation needs.

Urgent care for recovery

When medical emergencies strike it can be traumatic. Whatever might cause the need for urgent home care, many of our clients feel their confidence has been badly shaken.  So our live-in care workers work to help re-build strength and resilience.

You may not need our service for long and that’s fine, but you may find one of our companion care workers offers comfort and ongoing support after our emergency live-in care services are no longer required.