Please can you extend our extreme heartfelt thanks Yolanda.

Please can you extend our extreme heartfelt thanks Yolanda. I am sorry that it has taken so long, but Yolanda is and was spectacularly amazing as a carer and a human being. I suppose it was a second shock for us and we do understand, how quickly Yolanda left us. She became such an intricate member of our family and her leaving was as upsetting as were the events of the previous day. So if there is any way that we as a family can show our appreciation for the care that Yolanda gave and showed for my mother, please let me know, (maybe a keepsake)? Some people say that she was just doing her job, but there are ways of doing the job and Yolanda to us was like Mary Poppins (Practically perfect in every way).

A Huge Relief – Thank you Promedica24

I would like to thank Jonathan and the team for helping Elsie and me through what would have otherwise been a very traumatic time. We really appreciated that Promedica24 took the time to get to know Elsie and me and provide us with a carer who we would feel so at home with.

The thought of Elsie having to go into a care home while I recovered from an operation caused us a lot of anxiety and upset, so it was a huge relief when we discovered 24 hour live in care with Promedica24 could keep Elsie looked after at home. Elsie has borderline Alzheimer’s and needed looking after while I recuperated from a long awaited operation. Our carer, Bozena, could not have been better suited to our needs and from the moment she arrived at our home we all got on perfectly. On the first day Bozena and Elsie sat chatting happily about poetry, flowers and of course food!

Graham R, Wilmslow

My thanks to Promedica24 for all they did for us at this difficult time.

Firstly I want, on behalf of Mr B’s family to thank Mark for the professional and sensitive manner that he handled Bruce`s demise. I also wish to add that throughout the whole contract Mark handled every situation with utmost professionalism and empathy. He presents Promedica24 in a good light. We would also like to take the opportunity to thank Mathew for his kind nature, the care he provided was above and beyond his professional duties. Finally a special thank you to Marcin who was a true professional. He exemplified what a carer should be like. He was faultless, clean, tidy and really showed care and
compassion towards Bruce. If we wanted anyone apart from us to be with Bruce in his final hours it would have been him. Please convey our most sincere gratitude to both of them.

Marcin in particular is also a true credit to your company, you have a Diamond there, don`t let him go. When my operation was imminent and my husband, due to Alzheimer’s could not be left alone, a relative directed me to the local advertiser, and there we found Promedica24. I phoned and explained my position and was called back immediately by Mark. He came round to our house went through all the details and a start date was agreed. Promedica24 provided a full profile on our carer. She was 26 and looked very young and pretty. She arrived the day before I went into hospital and with a family member, took over his medication and cooking etc. I was most impressed with how she got on with everyone, especially my husband as he can be awkward at times. She cooked lovely meals from scratch and was with us for 6 weeks altogether. My thanks to Promedica24 for all they did for us at this difficult time.

I’d devoted all of my time and attention to taking care of John so having someone else to take the pressure off me was a huge relief.

John suffered with dementia and had a bad leg. We managed as best we could but in the
end I just couldn’t look after him myself anymore, I’m 91! I didn’t want John to have to go
into care and so I was trying to find someone who could help when the ladies in the village
suggested I talk to Mark. I didn’t know that live-in care was such a thing until then. The
carers used to get John up and about and washed and dressed. They helped me too with
things around the house and I must say it was lovely to have some extra companionship. I’d
devoted all of my time and attention to taking care of John so having someone else to take
the pressure off me was a huge relief. I was able to do things for myself again and get out
and about as well as enjoying spending time with John as his wife, not his carer. There’s no
doubt that without Promedica24 the last months of his life we would have been apart, and
that would have broken my heart.

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